AGRS Accounting and Your New Business

So you are starting your own business. This can be a dream come true, or a nightmare depending on if it works for you or not. In today’s world, running a business isn’t as easy as it used to be. With regulations and tax policies change all the time a typical small business can’t keep up with it all.

To help you succeed, you need to have reliable information at your fingertips. AGRS Accounting has the professional that can help make your new business run smoothly.

What can an accounting firm do for me?

There are so many bookkeeping programs available that it can be confusing to figure out what you need. Even figuring out how to use them and input all the correct information can be a nightmare. Mistakes can be made no matter how detail oriented you are. 

These mistakes can end up costing your business time and money, and even drive you so far into debt that you can’t recover. An accounting firm can assist you thereby eliminating many of these costly mistakes.

We can help you in the proper selection of technology and programs or integrate what you already are comfortable with. Staying current with changes in both technology and regulations is ongoing with AGRS Accounting. We can offer you the best solutions to all of your needs as we customize our service to you and your business.

Need help with just the day-to-day bookkeeping?

Let us handle you daily bookkeeping. AGRS Accounting can deal with accounts payable and receivables, balance sheets and any other reports you feel you need to run your business. Our trained and dedicated people can help minimize clerical mistakes thus saving you money and time. If you want to do your own bookkeeping, we can be your second set of eyes.

Perhaps you are looking to expand and hire more people. Do you know the current laws and what forms need to be filled out? This is something we can handle for you as well. Simplifying the hiring process and making sure all the information you need is collected and processed correctly. AGRS Accounting helps you to be a better business which help you to grow and expand.

Are you looking for someone to manage your book keeping? Are you finding it hard to keep your taxation in order? Are you looking for some financial advisory? If you answered yes to any of the questions, get in touch with us today!

 Happy employees = good business.

One of the best ways to retain a satisfied customer base is to have happy employees. If employee’s paychecks are incorrect or late, they grumble and this comes across to your clients. This makes the process of gathering employee’s information and processing it correctly an important part of any business, but it is also one of the most tedious.

AGRS Accounting can help you with your payroll. Sick day and vacation reporting, management of garnishments and anything that goes into making your payroll is what we can do. This frees up resources, including time, so you can focus on other areas of your business.

How does your business plan work for you?

AGRS Accounting has a business advisory group that can help you at any stage of your business. Whether you are just beginning or have been in business for a while, helping you make the right decisions is our goal. Setting up your tax options, business plans, or anything that is needed to run your business, we can help you make those decisions.

 So your business is going, now what?

Now you’ve been in business for a while, do you expand or upgrade equipment? Do the payments fit into your income? A comprehensive analysis of your cash flow can help you determine that. AGRS Accounting’s CPAs use the newest technology and software to provide you with the best overview of you cash flow. Even if all you are looking at doing is figuring out where your money is going can become even more apparent with a spreadsheet. Who knows, you might even find ways to save some cash. Which is always a good thing for any business, no matter how small or big you are.

 AGRS Accounting and you.

We handpick our employees from many applications to get those with years of accounting experience from many different fields of expertise. Want somebody with modern accounting methods and compliance with all tax regulations?  This is one of our primary goals. With our diverse field of employees, we can pool our resources to better understand what works for you. No matter what your business is or how you want your spreadsheets formatted, we strive to meet all those needs.

To start getting assistance with all your new business needs just contact AGRS Accounting today.

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