Your corporate tax return was never created to be simple. That’s why there’s easier solutions for those who embrace them.

AGRS Accounting is a full-service CPA firm who has been trusted by many reputed corporations around the country to help them keep their business on track while taking it to the next level. Our goal here is simple, we want to help contribute to the growth and success of businesses while saving them as much money as possible. Whether you need a consultation or you want us to handle your corporate tax return in its entirety, there’s no job too small or large for us to take on.

What makes AGRS Accounting different than other firms?

This is a fair question and to be honest we’d be asking it too if we were in your shoes. There are many businesses that claim to provide excellence, but in the end they really don’t do so. AGRS Accounting has been able to experience a lot of growth over the years thanks to our focus on quality services.

Some of the benefits that our clients enjoy includes, but is not limited to:

  • Customized solutions developed each and every time.

    You’re different and so is your business. This is why we take a custom approach with every client that walks through our doors. When you partner with AGRS, you can ensure that you’re not going to be treated as another source of revenue. You’ll get the customization that you need to make the most out of your tax returns.

  • Free consultation to ensure your needs are fulfilled.

    Instead of charging you an arm and a leg to come up with a plan, we’ll provide you with a free initial consultation so that we can get to know each other better. There’s no use in hitting you with additional charges anywhere and everywhere possible.

  • Guaranteed satisfaction that isn’t taken lightly.

    We guarantee that you’ll get the most out of our firm. This helps us keep our standards set high while making sure that you get what you deserve. Nothing less. 

Are you looking for someone to manage your book keeping? Are you finding it hard to keep your taxation in order? Are you looking for some financial advisory? If you answered yes to any of the questions, get in touch with us today!

  • No hidden fees to jump out and hurt your bank account.

    Unfortunately there have been firms in the past that quote one price but charge a different one at the end. Our rates that are quoted will be all that you pay without the hidden fees attached that are realistically designed to drain as much as your bank account as possible.


  • The opportunity to decrease tax liabilities.

    We’re here to save you as much money as possible on your corporate tax return. This is why we look everywhere to make sure that you get the most deductions possible. Combine that with our timely filing to prevent penalties and it’s a win-win situation.

    What kind of corporate tax return services are offered?

    In order to provide the most comprehensive solutions for corporate tax returns, we have ensured that there’s no limitations in our capabilities. Some of the services that we offer on a regular basis to our corporate clients include:

    Why should I hire an accountant instead of keeping it in-house?

    When you’re sick, you don’t trust just anyone to treat you. Taxes shouldn’t be any different especially when you’re dealing with the complexities of a corporate tax return. Accountants know the ins and outs of the system as well as what they can do to make the odds play out in your favor.

    Not to mention, when you go with a reputable CPA firm you can rest assured that accuracy is guaranteed. This helps you prevent any added costs of penalties that could incur if you overlooked some of the opportunities that lie within. The bottom line is when you want the best sometimes you have to choose the best in order to make it happen.

    Alright, I’m ready to get the most out of filing my corporate tax return!

    If you’re ready to let the pros handle your filing(s), then you’re definitely in the right place.  AGRS didn’t become a highly respected CPA firm by doing things at the bare minimum. We love taking taxes and numbers to the next level while producing priceless opportunities to our clients.

    The consultation if free, so contact us today!

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